Encore Raspberry Bush (Rubus ‘Encore’)

Encore Raspberry Bush

  • Late Season
  • Summer Bearing Red Raspberries
  • Bridges Gap Between Summer Bearing and Everbearing
  • Nearly Thornless Canes
  • High Yields
  • Large Red Berries
  • Deliciously Balanced Flavor
  • Great Fresh and Preserved
  • Firm Texture Freezes Well
  • Beautiful Berries
  • Cold Hardy
  • Widely Adaptable
  • Sturdy Canes
  • Vigorous Producer
  • Long Season of Harvest

Planting for a long season of successive harvests help ensure that you’ll get your fill of fresh, fantastic raspberries. Whether you love them fresh, preserved, or want plenty on hand to freeze, Nature Hills growers have you covered.

Get delicious late season berries from a vigorous summer bearer. Encore Raspberries (Rubus ‘Encore’) easily extends the season of fresh berries for many weeks.

These well-balanced fruits are a treat to finish up the season of summer berries. You’ll love their sweet robust flavor that has just enough zip to give a gourmet flair.

Still hungry? Why not add summer bearing varieties and everlasting varieties for a summer-long season of fresh berries for your families “fruit fix”?

Encore bridges the gap between these types. In fact, that’s exactly what the team at Cornell University were interested in when they developed this great-tasting variety.

With sweet white flowers in spring and textured dark green foliage, Encore is an attractive addition to an Edible Landscape. Cold-hardy, yet adaptable, Encore works well across much of the United States.

These firm berries certainly hold their own in the freezer. You’ll get pounds of fruit from mature plants, so you can keep many bags for the taste of summer all year-long.

The picking is easy with the nearly thornless canes that are mostly upright. You’ll only need to tie the laden laterals to your trellis system.

How to Use Encore Raspberry in the Landscape

Fruiting plants are charming. There is a huge (and we mean HUGE!) resurgence of interest in these hard-working plants.

Far from simply utilitarian, they are beautiful relatives of the Rose family. Enjoy flowers, foliage and fruit with these pretty workhorses.

Try a row of them near your patio. Space them two feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Carve out a Kitchen Garden, and plant Encore on the “company side” to hide the compost bins. Give yourself something pretty to look at.

Butterflies and other helpful pollinators love their nectar-rich blooms. Enjoy greater yields with these sturdy fruiting bushes.

A mature Raspberry patch makes you wealthy in a very real sense. These long-lived plants are valuable, and the extra food security helps you breathe a sigh of relief.

Creative small space gardeners are even growing Encore Raspberries plants in extra-large containers. Pick your breakfast on your balcony, porch or patio!

Tips for Care

Ensure your Encore Raspberry receives full sun. You’ll get the most fruit with at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Plant at least five or six feet from buildings. Raspberry plants need good air circulation, and you’ll want to access the entire plant to harvest your crop.

Well-drained soils are important. Plant in raised beds to improve drainage.

Berries need regular water. You can even push the backfill soil into a small berm to help keep water near the roots.

Drip irrigation or soaker hoses are a great time-saver. Apply a three-inch layer of mulch to cut down on surface evaporation.

This variety fruits on second year floricanes. After the harvest is done, cut the old canes out at ground level. Dispose of them in your yard waste bin.

Keep the new primocane growth standing overwinter. You can tip-prune them back in late winter for a more compact plant, if you like.

You can add a slow-release fertilizer in early spring. For proper application rates, follow label directions.

Encore Raspberry Bush (Rubus ‘Encore’) Details

Common name Encore Raspberry Bush
Botanical name Rubus 'Encore'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-8
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Floricane
Height 5 - 6 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Fruiting
Flower color White