Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub (Aucuba japonica ‘Gold Dust’)

Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub


What is Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub

Fast-growing, long-lived foliage and unbelievable variegation set the Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba apart, along with rich green growthand pops of gleaming gold. Plus, variegatedleaves offer month-to-month visual interest…from gildedtones to dark green and pops of yellow with red berries. Basically, the shining Japanese Gold Dust is like a gem, living up to its name with none of the work.

And there’s nothing like its classicform.This enduring variety is poised to grow quickly, easily, for years to come – season over season. That means you get timeless, almost-weeping growthin your own landscape in no time. Even better? Once established, it’s drought-tolerant, too. When it comes to the Japanese Gold Dust, virtually zero upkeep is required.

But the top benefit is that we’ve hand-selected this Aucuba Gold Dust. Our plant specialists and local experts have chosen this variety for its strong reputation, from planting to growing and shipping.

Now, you reap the rewards of our hard work. Most big-box retailers and garden centers ship bare-root, but your Gold Dust arrives with healthy roots, ready to grow year after year.

If you’re looking for elegant color, look no further – get your own Japanese Aucuba Shrub today!

Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub (Aucuba japonica 'Gold Dust') Aucuba japonica 'Gold Dust'

How to Grow and Care for Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub

Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub (Aucuba japonica ‘Gold Dust’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 7-10 outdoors


First, select a location with well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade – any area with about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight should suffice. When you’re ready to plant, dig a hole that’s about three times the width of your plant’s root ball, ensure the Laurel is placed away from any major structures, and place the tree. Finally, backfill the soil and water your tree to settle its roots.


Once established, your Aucuba Laurel is drought tolerant, but it’s important to have a regular watering schedule for the first few growing seasons. Water about once weekly or check the surrounding soil for your Aucuba…if the surrounding soil is dry about 2 or 3 inches down, it’s time to water.


The Laurel grows fairly quickly and easily, so fertilizer is generally not required.

Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub (Aucuba japonica ‘Gold Dust’) Details

Common name Japanese Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub
Botanical name Aucuba japonica 'Gold Dust'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 7-10 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 4-6 ft.
Width 4-6 ft.