Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose (Cistus x ‘Little Miss Sunshine’)

Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose

  • Colorful Flowering Evergreen
  • White Buds with Bright Yellow Cores
  • Perennial with Variegated Foliage
  • Fantastic Low to the Ground Form
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Pest and Disease Resistant
  • Thrives in Full Sun
  • Attracts Many Pollinators

Gardeners and landscapers alike know the benefits of perennials in gardens and yards alike. Largely eye-catching and excellent at filling space, these lasting plants make for a reliable addition to nearly any growing space.

Those looking to liven up their growing areas with a bit of color need look no further than the Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose (Cistus x hybridus ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ PP22364). Bringing all the staples of your typical perennial, this rockrose plant adds some unique twists to the table.

The foliage of this pretty little evergreen shrub is a variegated combination of bright green leaves adorned with golden trim. The yellow and green contrasting make this gorgeous plant almost glow in the summer sun.

Starting in the early summer this perennial shrub starts to put on a show with amazing delicate opal blooms. These soft five-petaled white flowers have a brilliant yellow core that really pop against the white and green backdrop.

The Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose has very hardy qualities due to its heritage crossed with the Cistus plant. Tolerant of salt levels, droughts, pests, diseases and heat you will almost have to try to kill this durable shrub.

This perennial shrub is sure to be a fan favorite for the wildlife around your growing space. Pollinators are sure to make the most of the attractive blooms decorating this plant.

How to Use Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose in the Landscape

Due to the natural hardiness of the Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose it makes for an excellent addition to the average rock garden. Use this as a wide groundcover or accent to the flowers and other shrubs to maximize your rock garden’s potential.

The delicate white blooms of this shrub also fit the description of your usual cottage garden. Its small size makes it work great as the lowest tier in a multi-level flowering design.

Salt tolerance reigns true as one of the most useful aspects of hardiness on display alongside this plant’s beautiful opalescent blooms. Coastal gardens are sure to benefit from the hardy addition of this fine shrub.

These white blooms do more than draw the attention of your neighbors, but your local pollinators won’t be able to resist either! Pollinator gardens will thrive with the addition of the Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose in both beauty and functionality.

The drought survivability of this rockrose is surprisingly high. Dry gardens will get a surprise burst of color that will laugh in the dry seasons when you purchase your own shrub.

The small size of this rockrose means it fits in most containers especially well. Use one or several of these container shrubs to add spots of delicate color to your porch or growing area.

The evergreen nature of the Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose means it makes for fantastic winter interest. Use this to your advantage when planting to add a splash of green and gold where your yard will need it most in the cold winter months.

The attractive variegated foliage makes for a great groundcover on its own. Several of these shrubs can cover a pretty wide surface area with ease.

Strong roots make the Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose a great plant to consider for slopes in your growing area as well! With soil erosion prevented and a solid view to boot this perennial can do it all!

Looking for a royal entrance to your garden? Little Miss Sunshine Rockroses can be planted in succession along a path for a glamorous line of white, green and gold decorating everyone’s approach.

Tips for Care

While naturally hardy, soil selection can be an important part of keeping your Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose happy and healthy. Avoid poor soils that retain lots of water to avoid drowning your shrub.

This perennial absolutely adores sun, so be sure to give it loads of sunshine. It can tolerate some shade, but be sure it is getting much more sun than it is shade to stay healthy.

The Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose may need the occasional pruning throughout its lifetime. When pruning, be sure to wait until flowering has finished to prevent damage to the plant’s potential growth.

While it does well enough on its own this shrub’s growth could benefit from the occasional use of fertilizer. Once the frost of early spring ceases for the season you should fertilize your rockrose shrub for maximum fertilizer potential.

Your Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose is sure to benefit from some mulch. Throw down some extra to help protect your shrub while adding another layer of lovely accent to this cute little plant.

The Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose is a titan of resilience sure to raise the bar in your growing areas.

Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose (Cistus x ‘Little Miss Sunshine’) Details

Common name Little Miss Sunshine Rockrose
Botanical name Cistus x 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Plant type Evergreen
Hardiness zone 8-11
Growth rate Medium
Height 12 - 24 inches
Width 12 - 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium, Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White, Yellow