Ninebark Tree

Rich Chocolate Foliage and White Clustered Blooms: The Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form

  • A Lovely and Unique Tree Form
  • Striking Chocolate Foliage with Red Fall Foliage
  • Fast-Growing
  • Low-Maintenance

Don’t let its looks fool you. The Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form (Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Monlo’) is a low-maintenance tree-form that looks like it takes up all your outdoor time, but actually requires no care once established.

The Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form is an innovative approach to the classic Diabolo Ninebark. With an exquisite burst of foliage atop a narrow trunk, this shrub adds drama to the Ninebark’s elegant and striking nature. With such an expansive trunk, the tree form of this tree really shows off the ninebarks’ shaggy bark.

This reliable bloomer with amazing fall color also grows rapidly and will thrive in partial shade if needed. Of course, full sun is optimal for the deepest coppery leaf tones and best blooms.

The Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form is a summer-bloomer with rounded and showy clusters of white blooms that begin their journey as pink buds. These spritely blooms have golden-yellow centers with fluffy and fun stamen. And come fall, you will enjoy this peppy plant’s petite red berries.

And while the Diabolo Ninebark’s flowers are a sight to behold, its foliage makes this tree form breathtaking. Its leaves are coppery, chocolate, and violet with a delightful lobed heart-shape. In fact, Ninebark leaves can be compared to a colorful version of hibiscus leaves.

And when fall arrives, you will love your Diabolo Ninebark’s fiery red transformation.

Greet guests with two Diabolo Ninebark Tree Forms. This lovely topiary-style of the ninebark is an ideal choice for a manageable and small specimen tree. It will also look lovely as a courtyard plant or anchor plant on the corner of your garage, driveway, or foundation planting.

Are you fired up about the Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form? We don’t blame you. The Diabolo Ninebark Tree Form is a hot choice among gardeners that love unique plants.