Palestine Sweet Lime

Palestine Lime Tree is Perfect for Cooking

We love Key Limes, Tahiti Limes, Rangpur Limes and Mexican Limes for their tart flavor that gives us such mouth-puckering treats like pies and limeades and great sour flavored condiments. (What’s a fish taco without the lime?) But sometimes that lime taste is just a little overwhelming and lemon just won’t work. That’s when you need a delicious Palestine Lime.

Palestine Limes aren’t ripe until they turn a soft yellow (not green like other limes). When they ripen they have a mild lime flavor, perfect for Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. These limes are wonderful squeezed in juice or tea, or grated for zest in baked goods or curries.

This tree is a great landscape tree that is one of the hardiest citrus trees in cultivation. It is so hardy that growers often use it as rootstock for less hardy varieties, harnessing the robustness of the Palestine Lime’s roots and trunk to grow more fragile fruit in cooler places. The trees start off the season with very aromatic white flowers, which will make your garden smell heavenly. They are strong growers in pots indoors by a sunny window, too.

Garden Center Point ships only strongly rooted and well-branched young trees. They’ll come to you in top-notch condition and are ready to be planted in your yard or favorite large pot.

  • Subtle lime flavor
  • Hardiest citrus tree available
  • Great in containers