Polar Joy Rose Tree (Rosa ‘Balore’)

Polar Joy Rose Tree

Cold-hardy, everblooming Tree Rose! The Polar Joy™ Rose Tree (Rosa ‘Balore’) is a hardy tree Rose variety. This introduction from Bailey Nursery’s award-winning Rose breeding program was developed particularly for the northern gardeners! Unlike other Tree Roses which are actually 2 or 3 different Roses grafted or budded together (the root, the stem, and the top), Polar Joy™ is the same hardy Rose from top to bottom, giving it unmatched hardiness!

Your Polar Joy™ is a hardy Shrub Rose variety that has been expertly grafted and trained into a tree form. This combination gives you a spectacularly beautiful rose tree that will not only bloom all summer for you but also survive harsh conditions. You’ll adore the beautiful clusters of soft pink blossoms.

Each delicate, 2-inch bloom is lightly kissed by a soft, yellow center and emits a subtle, clean fragrance that will pull you in close to sample its charms. Combined with its light green foliage, your Polar Joy™ gives the impression of spring apple blossoms in your yard, only these fabulous blooms last all summer long. Hardy and disease-resistant throughout USDA chilly zone 4 to 7, these are fantastic ornamental flowering accents that are sure to please!

Planting and Application:

A wonderful spectacle elevated to high-end décor, Polar Joy™ Rose Trees shine in the sun with their flouncy flowers that ruffle in the breeze! Pot up in large planters and porch containers for a lovely conversation piece that won’t take up much room, yet have a huge impact on your landscape, even if you don’t have a yard at all! You and your pollinators will be delighted by these blooms that appear all growing season!

Fantastic as front yard and front porch décor and living sculptures, one or a matched pair would add curb appeal and high-end blooms to your entry! Polar Joy™ will look outstanding in your Cottage border, perennial bed, or Rose garden this year. It would be especially attractive as a vertical accent among low-growing roses and/or perennials.

  • Amazing Story & Meaningful Rose
  • Outstanding Large Pastel Bicolored Blooms
  • Sweet Fragrance
  • Hardy, Vigorous Grower
  • One of the Highest Rated Roses by the American Rose Society!
  • Specimens, Rose Gardens, Cut Flowers, Hedges & Accents

Tips for Care:

Polar Joy™ Rose Tree has excellent disease resistance and flowers best in full sun – especially morning sun and air circulation. Provide a moderate amount of water on a regular basis. Maximize the performance with Nature Hills Root Booster during planting, then mulch to a depth of 3-4 inches, pulling it back away from the stems. Container-grown plants need well-drained soil and a careful schedule of water. Try drip irrigation systems to make things very easy on yourself. Rake and bag all fallen foliage in late fall. In early spring and mid-summer, apply a slow-release fertilizer for flowering plants.

Rose Tree Care & Pruning

Some winter protection for Tree Form Roses is suggested for the cooler zones by overwintering your Rose in an unheated garage after it goes dormant, or outside with a straw and burlap wrap. Then in spring, take it back out or unwrap it and trim the head back to about a 1-2 foot sphere just as it begins to grow again in spring.

Early each spring, after the last frost of the year has passed, it’s always a good idea to prune back the Rose tree several inches to maintain the nice round form atop its trunk. Keep new blooms returning with occasional deadheading, quickly improving your overall display.

Prune away suckers and branching that forms at the base or on the trunk each year too. Pruning Roses allow for better, bushier growth each year and stimulates new growth.

  • Full Sun
  • Moist Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Regular Fertility & Watering
  • Prune Early Spring
  • Mulch Very Well
  • Good Disease Resistance

The only truly hardy Tree Rose, the Polar Joy™ Shrub Rose Tree is a tough, dependable choice in a Rose Tree for your yard this year!

Polar Joy Rose Tree (Rosa ‘Balore’) Details

Common name Polar Joy Rose Tree
Botanical name Rosa 'Balore'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-7
Growth rate Fast
Height 5 - 8 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pink