Proven Winners Rock ‘N Grow Coraljade Sedum (Sedum x ‘Coraljade’)

Proven Winners Rock 'N Grow Coraljade Sedum

Incredible form and subdued hues, the Rock ‘N Grow® Coraljade Sedum from Proven Winners® (Sedum x ‘Coraljade’) with relaxing color and unique texture for your garden. Featuring succulent, waxy foliage that forms outstanding domes of color from spring until autumn! Forming a dense, evenly distributed mound that will be completely smothered in thickly packed blooms.

Starting a cool cucumber green, Rock ‘N Grow® Coraljade has blooms that slowly turn a soft pink and coral pink until frost! These blooms are a favorite among beneficial pollinators and butterflies! The sturdy stems mean these blooms stand up to rain and storms and are also amazingly unique cut flowers for your bouquets and tablescapes. You’ll have plenty to leave your bees because these vigorously growing plants have profuse blooming abilities.

Rock ‘N Grow® has glossy, rich-green foliage that is thick and fleshy, growing to 16-18″ tall and nearly 3 feet wide. These beautiful domes of flowers add intriguing filler and texture when planted among your other garden treasures. Coraljade’s flower heads have equally dense growth and amazing softness and character.

Their summer blooms don’t let up until fall frost however that’s when the blooms dry on the plant to provide unique winter interest! Perennial Sedum are hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 9 and form rounded 18-inch mounds that spread up to 28 inches wide in optimal conditions.

Planting and Application:

Coraljade creates a tranquil, smooth mound, which means this Sedum creates an incredibly unique border to define your beds from your lawn and line your walkways. Achieve amazing curb appeal especially when these are planted in rows or blocks to further amplify that curious growth habit!

Their unusual, subtly colored blooms add formal structure, as well as work beautifully in Zen and Asian-inspired gardens. Any sunny bed and Cottage garden will be enchanting with Sedum. Easy to grow, they are perfect for gardeners of all experience levels!

You can also try a staggered zig-zag to create a mass planting on a slope or a large bare patch. The plants will create a low-maintenance groundcover. Adding an amazing designer touch to your landscape! Mix and match with other Rock ‘N™ Sedum varieties, like Bundle of Joy, or Pure Joy, for a unique Stonecrop display!

Growing in defiance of the sun without wilting, drought-tolerant Coraljade fills your sunny beds with tranquil color all growing season. Pollinator gardens and Rock Garden both benefit from these curious plants’ unique shapes! The soft coral-pink blooms mingle peacefully among your perennial beds and are an amazing thriller in containers, Coraljade’s sturdy stems can also be used as cut flowers and dried décor.

Plant en masse to fill hot sunny locations, shrugging off rocky, gravel-filled spots without any complaining. The structural and architectural texture makes these eye-catching plants really stand out! The attractive foliage is drought and salt-tolerant so plant these in that ‘hell strip’ along the road, and those in coastal areas can enjoy Sedum near ocean spray without worry.

Amazing for Xeriscaping and Firescaping, these are tough and hardy enough for both residential and commercial settings. Stonecrops are incredibly resilient!

  • Rich-Green Dome Forming Growth
  • Profuse Mounds of Dense Jade-Green and Pale Coral-Pink Blooms!
  • Vigorous Growth & Thick Succulent Leaves
  • Incredible Fall Blooming Interest!
  • Bees & Butterflies Love the Blooms & Food For Birds!
  • Specimens, Edging, Containers, En Masse & Tough Perennial Accents

Tips for Care:

Full sun plants like Rock ‘N Grow® Coraljade Stonecrop, tolerate heat and sun all summer without fail. Handling some part sun in hotter climates. Not particular about soil type, Stonecrop prefers average moisture and any kind of well-drained soil, and can also tolerate poor or rocky soils with ease. In fact, Sedum grown in organically rich soil is actually lanky and weak-stemmed. These adaptable, hardy perennials bloom from late summer through autumn.

Stonecrop has very low moisture needs and is extremely cold-hardy in growing zones 3 through 9. These rabbit-resistant plants require very little maintenance and need a minimum of fertilizer. You can add a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch to the base. Pest and disease-free, Sedum benefits from division every few years and removal of dead debris each early spring.

  • Best Coloration in Full Sun
  • Grows In Well-Drained Poor Soil
  • Moderate to Low Soil Moisture Once Established
  • Deer & Rabbit Resistant, Drought, Salt & Heat Tolerant
  • Cold Hardy Winter Interest, Easy Care & Low Maintenance

For heat and sun-loving plants that form unique arching mounds, you will love the jade green and peachy-pink hues of Proven Winners® Rock ‘N Grow® Coraljade Stonecrop!

Proven Winners Rock ‘N Grow Coraljade Sedum (Sedum x ‘Coraljade’) Details

Common name Proven Winners Rock 'N Grow Coraljade Sedum
Botanical name Sedum x 'Coraljade'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 16 - 18 inches
Width 26 - 28 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Jade Green Turns Coral Pink