Rainbow Fizz Spiraea (Spiraea japonica ‘Matgold’)

Rainbow Fizz™ Spiraea


What is Rainbow Fizz Spiraea

If you’re looking for an easy-care plant that offers bright colors, then consider adding the Rainbow Fizz™ Spiraea to your yard! Enjoy long seasons of shifting shades on this foliage, and it tolerates most environments, making it perfect for any space.

With clustered flower buds that emerge as red and open to pretty pink blooms, your garden will be instantly transformed. Plus, its foliage changes colors throughout the season, from green to red and more! This compact plant is great in gardens, borders, and other smaller spaces needing a little pizzazz.

Since it’s resistant to diseases, pests, and droughts, you don’t have to worry about putting in a ton of work in order for this plant to thrive! It’s also cold-hardy, so those low temperatures won’t harm this resilient bit of greenery. Enjoy long seasons of heavy blooms and beautiful hues!

You won’t need a green thumb to impress all your neighbors with this colorful plant.

Rainbow Fizz™ Spiraea (Spiraea japonica 'Matgold') Spiraea japonica 'Matgold'

How to Grow and Care for Rainbow Fizz Spiraea

Rainbow Fizz Spiraea (Spiraea japonica ‘Matgold’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 3-8 outdoors


Whether planting in the ground or keeping it in a container, ensure this plant receives partial to full sunlight (at least 6 hours per day) in well-drained, moist soil. Space far apart enough from other plants so that there’s room for growth. For containers, make sure it’s at least 18 inches in diameter.


Once established, this plant is very drought tolerant and will require occasional watering.


As the new leaves emerge, fertilize in early spring to keep this planting thriving. It prefers a well balanced, slow release feed.


Minimal pruning is needed to keep this plant tidy during late winter or early spring.

Rainbow Fizz Spiraea (Spiraea japonica ‘Matgold’) Details

Common name Rainbow Fizz™ Spiraea
Botanical name Spiraea japonica 'Matgold'
Hardiness zone 3-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 3-4 ft.
Width 3-4 ft.