Tip Top Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine

Great Evergreen for Spatially Challenged Sites!

She looked out of the chalet window at the snow-covered landscape. The little dark green tree stood out against the stark white background. Someone was wrapping it in Christmas lights. She could hear him humming a carol. I need that tree at home, she thought.

You’ll think that too.

The Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra) is a perfect little evergreen for a smaller landscape or yard. It is a very slow grower, but it has a wonderful pyramid shape that makes an awesome living Christmas tree. But don’t let all of that Christmas imagery put you off. It looks great all year long!

It is densely packed with rich green needles that make it work well in any setting, from modern contemporary to rustic woodland to country cottage. It is tailor made for a rock garden. This native of the mountains of Europe is a picturesque addition to any landscape.

A row of Swiss Stone Pines makes a beautiful hedgerow. Or try them along a fence line or driveway. Botanic gardens use them as the focal point of large flower beds. They also do well in large pots and make great formal statements flanking a door or gate.

Swiss Stone Pine will be a welcome addition to any garden, no matter what time of the year. They are easy to grow – no pruning required. Order yours today.

  • Dark green needles
  • Easy care and hardy
  • Good in rock gardens